most dangerous things are the most amazing

Or the other way round.

The vehicle was stopped near the railway crossing, for a train to pass by. I just love watching the train,let alone riding in it. Fascinating I should say. Also I was “lucky” enough to go in the special vice Roy train to benthota and back. anyways this is Sri Lanka and the time was 6 in the evening. And what do I see, some idiotic (brave=idiocy, and its true) motor cycle drivers crept through the small gap, risking their lives and giving me –ahem– something to think about. Being as wonderful as it is, a train does bring danger bindle with carelessness of human to human lives.

Ocean, the great big blue one. Magnificent and most of the time bring peace to the soul. How many of us just spend hours and hour staring at this massive mass of water. I even wrote a post on this. However Ocean is not the same, Tsunami was the danger. That same massive water took away many lives, causing so much of pain. If only we knew it, many would have not gone to the shore, to see why the mass of water went into the see.

Fire. I love watching bone fires to the fire that burns the dry leave stack at my grandma’s place. It relates stories of its own. However fire at the wrong place will nothing but lost of assets and lives.

Well I might have not made a strong argument here. Yet the point here is that life is amazing and each day we encounter amazing things. Yet the same thing we find amazing back-fires and cause heartache. And if we think clearly most of the time we can get away from the danger, or at least mitigate them.

To conclude I will take one of the most cruel set up I have seen. Have you seen an iron box fixed (mainly) to the ceiling of certain cafeterias? It has an illuminative light and flies “amazed” by the glow go near the iron box, only to die of the electric shock that runs through.

Still Life is amazing you only have to be safe!!!


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