Early morning

Wake up sunshine
Think I had too much wine
For I am still spinning round and round
Yesternight is over now
How come we only sleep 8 hours?
The sun rays coming thorugh the window pane
Burns my face “oh man”en
Eh wait its the neon light from neighbors garden
Calling out to me
And resonates with mom’s screaming
Stumbled out from bed
Dragged my self
Everything was mechanical
Had no problem when I brushing my teeth

Where are the birds who sang in the morning?
Where in the sun that was suppose to shine?
As I wonder I looked at the time
Alas, its 6 O’clock and I am already late

Washed, dressed, ate (May be not)
Ran to catch the morning traffic lane
To my designated place
So off I go to a “brand New day”
Early Morning oh Early morning
Tomorrow again you will come

Good Morning!!!


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