When I smile

I say I am alone in a crowd of many
I say I have nothing to say
But a smile fixed upon my face.
A smile that makes you think that I am here with you
But for me this smile doesn’t mean anything, really.
Or does it?
May be out of other possibilities
This smile in my face
Makes you wonder
What I think and whats so funny?
Or am I upto no good?
Am I a devil woman?
Or am I planning a surprise party for your next birthday
And don’t you wanna know
What I think and what I do
Prying and digging in
Don’cha wanna know all that, and then laugh behind my back
So I smile, and make you wonder
That I am not feeling left out by your tiny eyes
Judging me…


5 thoughts on “When I smile

  1. LOL you are not curious by the “smile” but the underline reason to write A post on A smile.. hmmm

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