I bumped my head

I was reading a book, not very entertaining but the story it was unfolding, was interesting. I was in my office transport, and on my way to office. Turned to a road leading to a government office and actually a by lane from the main road. Other days when we take this turn I just hold on tight to a seat ready for the ride. Yes you guess right one of the main features in our roads, pits and falls. Climbing up and then a fall again. Anyhow I bumped my head. With a thud. I bumped my head really hard, so hard that my nerve system went clueless as I started to feel the pain when the girl sitting next to me ask “are you all right?”

I was not. But smiled at her. And started scanning for someone to blame on this. Being as human as I am that was my first move. So the driver. Should I blame the driver? The driver who herself (yup its a lady driver) is trying to control an auto filled with breathing individuals like us, was indeed doing her best. Balancing the clutch and trying her hard to go smoothly over the pits. Okay not her. the ministry of road development? okay to be franc I prefer not to think about them early morning. For I was not sure if they exist. So can I blame them???. Then me. Should I blame it on me? Because I did not do what I was suppose to do. Being prepared. But was I to blame? The book was interesting. Aha then the person who recommended the book. Well I guess he meant well for me and thought this is a interesting piece of work. Then the person who wrote this interesting book? yeah fat chance. I know I know the company who manufactured this vehicle. Who asked them to build the roof so close? bah bah bah

The pain started to ware off. And my train of thoughts started.

How much we are accustomed to blame it on others? Reason in my view, is because it is easy. When something happen unexpectedly (or expectedly in some cases) and when things go wrong we become numb to the situation. For we are unable to give an answer with the intensity of the occurrence of the situation. And as every problem has a solution we look for answers. And as per the knowledge we have acquired we mold an answer. and if we fail to do so, we look around and figure “ah may be this person might know the answer” and expect them to give a solution. And if they fail. We blame it on them.
Watched Benjamin Button. Was fascinated on how he relate an action of a random woman, a taxi driver and a girl who broke a shoe lace cause Daisy to meet with an accident. (NB: what I said in here about Benjamin Button is not meant in a negative way. But I am really amazed by the movie)
Is there any one to blame? Isn’t that what life is? A flow chart of actions, by individuals and summing up them become a community, summing up becomes a country and all together the earth. The earth which is a small particle in the universe.
But what do we do? taking these petty things attack one another, make wars, end wars and give declairartions signe, break promises and fight against each other. Condemn and ridicule one another. Make rules to trap the criminals and use the same rule to get away from a grave mistake you have done. These actions give life to society we live in and then become “anomie” and forgetting that we are human and that we should forgive one another.
I have loved, hate, cried and laughed. And according to my knowledge there are people who ought to be blamed for and acknowledge for. And then when I look back at them, I am content as it is my life and each one of them have contributed to give my life and so have I to them.
Yes blaming someone else is really easy and I did do that yesterday, doing it today and will do it tomorrow. But one thing for sure I will not blame it on them and wait. But do whats right, remembering that we all are human and we all need a break. And move on.
Signing off now. I bumped my head. In the morning. Hurts physically. Mentally I am happy for I forgive everyone.


4 thoughts on “I bumped my head

  1. yup started seeing, hearing clearly, connectivity with the inner self is done well now LOL

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