Random-a-nized world

Random thoughts are quite often in my train of thoughts. In meeting, talking to someone, studying(specially), eating and ext ext I think randomly. Sometimes I wonder when will my consciousness stop talking to me so much and for a moment concentrate.
Meditation is a cure for that. Bit hard to do, for it does need practice, self control, practice and more practice. The easiest method to meditate I suppose is concentrating on your respiratory system. How it goes through the nose, to your lungs and mixing with your blood that goes through your whole body, and then you exhale the used air.
Its kinda nice and relaxing. And good antidote for sleepless nights.


2 thoughts on “Random-a-nized world

  1. I’ve always wanted to try meditation, especially since my insomnia has been getting worse. I tried basic breathing exercises, just focusing on the act of breathing itself, and that sort of helped. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to meditate properly. The thing is, I like the random thoughts, and the interconnected thought streams, because most of my ideas come from them (:

  2. i used to do when I was schooling and now not quite often… feels good…

    but yeah random thought do help a lot in creativity specially. But once in a while i would want my little voice to behave and focus.

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