Mind reader

She was shouting. Top of her voice I think. Ear piercing yet
Yet she didn’t bother
“Nona shall I tell you a Sasthare” said she, clad in dark pink saree with a yellow border
I “nope”. In my mind “what the… ?”
And hurried my way.
She followed.
I ran. she followed.
“Nona nona then just give me ten rupees”
I sighed. Pull out the purse. Opened the purse
Took hundred rupees.
In mind argued. “Will she give me balance”
Yeah the jokes on me
Laughed to myself, for thats not withing the ethical frame.
She took the note looked at me, kind of questioning,
Me and my action (methinks).
I turned away and continued my way
“Nona nona” cried she
Me being me turned again
“Nona I never take money for free”
And now I have the questioning look.
I said “Well don’t tell me the future,
For I like it to be a mystery”
She hesitated and piped
“Then I will play a trick,
Think of a flower and a colour”
I thought and thought
Saw a Jasmine three white as white can be
“Nona you thought white jasmine”
I went speechless
“Man doesn’t this woman a master of psychology,
And I spend money to learn behavioral pattern of man kind”
Smiled at her. Nodded my head.
Turned and walked away.


8 thoughts on “Mind reader

  1. Oh Someone is reading minds as well!!!!!!!
    It is true a future remains mystery and yet have to be prepared to all the challenges
    Love the rational hidden!!!111

  2. just love the way they play with our minds.. come to think of it many of us do :)

  3. you should meet Dr. LeValley (:
    she has 4 phd’s, one or two in Sociology, rest in psych.
    she’s quite psychic, and telepathic too…
    she can even get stoned from other people
    which is why it’s always fun to go to her class stoned
    cause then she’s stoned :P

    seriously though, I think you’d find her quite interesting (:

  4. yep
    she’s about 50 something, so yeah plenty of time :P
    and she used to be a model!
    she’s been married 5 times too :P
    once to a woman ;)

  5. wow she so coool.. really.. well expect that 5 time and woman part.. yet again some relationships give a good insight to life.. doesn’t she have published work?

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