At your finger tips

I admit. I do not sign out from any website, portal and so. Cuz its a matter of opening, just getting connected to an available network and happily browsing the net. Thankful that I have decent friends and colleagues, who never use my logging to send out messages, notices and more than that buy at e-Bay.phew.

Interesting aricle by BBC where a toddler has bought a “REAL SIZE DIGGER” with her computer knowledge of clicking what is available.

Come to think of it, I keep on leaving my mobile phone “unlocked” making it easy for some people to go and send text messages to my so-called crushes whom I have no interest of, declaring un-dieing love. And yeah when I get to know, every body runs away.


2 thoughts on “At your finger tips

  1. have no idea, when the spoke to the seller, man was human enough to cancel the purchase LOL

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