What’s your shoe size?

How many of us have worn the shoe of another person? I am not meaning the literal term, but the deep meaning of it. We are not living alone, in a world, a world of movement, a world that keep changing, damaging and then fixing, a world of dreams happening and vanishing to the air, and here we live. A world with different people, people with different names, different perspective of the same incident, different attitudes basically for each of us we are “unique” in our own. So hard to bring a life to this world, yet so easy to end it in few seconds.
Do we agree with everything that others do? Hence tend to criticize, condemn, agree, disagreed and so on and so forth as long as it fits your shoe. A shoe that was handed to us at our birth. The shoe is shaped up with the teaching of our parents, teachers, friends, relatives, non relatives, colleagues, acquaintance and people we meet, we hear and see. And we think this is the only brand of shoe that would any other person must be wearing.
Likewise everybody is given a shoe that they are forced to wear. For some people the shoe is so tight and proportional to that their mindset is so small. Hence they act irrationally. May be for many it seems rational for rationality again taught to us with given guidelines.
And a shoe can be too big for somebody and it will be difficult for him to walk in, so can we really blame him for not doing a proper catwalk in the runway.
Some shoes have hole, some wear soaks before they wear the shoe. Some are laced and some you just slip in.
Likewise we have different circumstances and lead the life in our own style. But once in a while, we wonder why some people act the way they do? why they tend to do wrong. Then we wonder “may be it’s the shoe they are wearing” and then we forgive them. Why? cuz we are all human after all.


13 thoughts on “What’s your shoe size?

  1. Brilliant post. I love the analogy, and it fits so well! (pun intended)
    You’re one of a few bloggers I’d actually be interested in conversing with (:
    as for my shoe size…. I hate shoes, I prefer walking barefoot or with just rubber slippers. Now what does that say about me? ;)

  2. thank you so much it means a lot :)

    Say that you wear slippers, it does have a size ya? a colour a design
    and going barefoot? would you go barefoot in any place on earth?
    So even though we hate is we sometimes have to wear the shoe.

    And most important thing is (in my view), is you figuring out the shape of your shoe and also to bare in mind that not each of us wear the same size, hence we must forgive and/or compremise with those who unable to walk gracefully as you do :)

  3. yes actually I’d go barefoot anywhere, my sole adapts :P
    the only reason I don’t is because I HAVE to wear shoes at college, so yeah. my slipper size is 9 or 10, I think :P

  4. woa seriously? that so cool man but i have certain places that I’d walk barefoot.. :) cuz I tend to step on some nail or throne or a piece of rock:(

    can’t help we sometimes have to wear shoes, may it be for its the accepted thing or its the fashion

    and come to think of it, before entering a temple we have to remove shoes, thought it was the mark of respect. But perhaps it symbolizes the real feeling of freedom and serenity that we are suppose to have

  5. (:
    one thing I remember distinctly about a trip to Polonnaruwa is walking around the ruins barefoot, I didn’t bother putting my slippers back on for the bits where we could wear them, I just went around barefoot. The sun was out and the sand was hot but I kept walking and soon my sole was blistered but thickened and I got used to it (:

    It somehow added to the experience.

  6. yeah I have done that to climbed Mihinthale and many places..

    But i kinda like that feeling, burns the feet still it gives like a worm feeling :)

    anyways I am a “walker” except the streets of Colombo :(

  7. It will be hard for me to wear others as well as others to fit into mine, I wear 11.5 :) Of course we can try walk in others shoes but it will never be the same.

  8. true we can not wear any one else’s shoe, and its not the same. Yet we can “try” and understand that those who wear a shoe different to us.
    There are differences in size, colour type and so own but the most human thing to do is try accept those differences.

  9. love the simile.. My type of article.. :)

    the differences in man and unaccommodating that has caused so much of destruction in the world.

    No ones gona have the exact idea as yourself and more we fight against that more we go into a trouble..

  10. thank you :)

    what you say is true, more we fight more we see differences and more everything become complicated

  11. stepping into the shoes of someone else has probably got to be one of the the hardest things to do – i feel that no matter how hard we try – we can never fully be comfortable unless we are ourselves.

    I love the last paragraph – “…Then we wonder “may be it’s the shoe they are wearing” and then we forgive them. Why? cuz we are all human after all. ”

    i like the way you think. Nice post… :)

  12. yes its hard cuz we have a way that we are accustomed with. no body will want to be Cinderella’s sisters i believe:)

    “We are human after all” is a phrase i use quite often, can’t waste my time tormenting myself. So I forgive and move on.

    Aw thank you so much :) mean it

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