after exams – what i am going to do…

well i ve seen i am getting random hits on the place I have mentioned in my page”Places to go in Sri Lanka” and being a pathetic writer I have just list down some places that I have being, seen and heard of. So all the visitors who came here might have gone without any thing at all.
I had this idea during the exams and miraculously I generate crazy ideas during the time I am suppose to study. And put upi a FB notice saying I need INFO, all I got was ridiculous answers, well thank you friends :(
But now this girl have a mission. Am going to collect details, hopefully talk to those who have being, get some road maps and actually write up something on each of those wonderful places. I have done already for Thotupala and have convinced many, actually to try out the place.
Guess I can do this, provided that I get information and more than that I will not thinking napping is better than writing. :)


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