you are a true ruler

King Julien the Lemur, the king of Lemur, but he sure have the way to be the KING where ever he goes. Well if you don’t know who he is, King Julien come in the film “Madagascar” not a main character but his way of doing things and his way of carrying him sure does make him a memorable character. And this is sourly my opinion.

He have such characters that I see in many in real people


First thing is he believes he is the king and he sure have the way of making others BELIEVE that he is. In Madagascar 2 return to Africa, as soon as they land (eh what ever it was) all he had was a one fellow Lemur who was loyal to him, though he understood his weaknesses but may be knew, the king knew getting to places. Then slowly he made few followers, who would carry him around and last but not least, he was able to move the whole animal population in Africa, to make a scarifies to the gods (who communicates with him apparently) in order to get water. The funny part all agreed to this, why? because that was easy and that was supposedly the most popular thing to do. The who population agreed to kill some one, rather than helping Alex the Lion to solve the real problem.

Enough King Julien, lets get to the real world how many of us actually moves to the most popular thing rather than opening our eyes and actually make a difference? No matter what the out come is no matter how much a fellow human being will be suffering, we just put our hands up and shouts “yes yes thats whats right” and those who oppose it are tormented

Before concluding let me quote king Julien

I would invade a neighboring country and impose my own ideology on them – even if t

So king Julien you rulezzzzz


5 thoughts on “you are a true ruler

  1. dunno about that just a Lemur, but hell he has a brain, a real good marketing (self promoting) aspects of it.. :D

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