What is a job?

Why do we work? To earn a living? Guess that would be the answer made by most of you, and I work in order to learn something new and perhaps you agree with the same. But the most appropriate question I suppose is whether we enjoy working? I know I do now but not long ago I did rather a monotonous job that every minute I felt I was wasting my life.

And then there are types of people who become workaholic, they never eat sleep nor have some decent fun but stuck at work doing the related function almost forgetting to breath a little air. And I might say I am just like that, when I am given something I would rather not do anything but do it. I would stay without eating or kiss my loved ones before going to sleep. Lately I found that the only reason I have lunch is in order to socialize and by socializing what I mean is I listen to what they talk about and I guess I am addicted to it. And besides I do not have a life, but to absorb in a dreamworld of unrealistic condition

Today in facebook I saw many friends of mine, dedicating their status update, to tell to the world how much they hate work. Or how Sunday nights can be annoying for its only few hours to the “Manic Monday” or the longing for TGIF.

So what is a job? Thoreau says in his essay Life without Principle – 1

The aim of the laborer should be, not to get his living, to get “a good job,” but to perform well a certain work

So is that a job is? Yes I think so, what ever the job you do just do the best while you are at it

And one more thing, constantly reminded by one of my ex boyfriends’ (though I have many reasons to hate him, still I remember the good side of him).” You have 24 hours of your life and only 8 hours of that you spend at work. So once you are over that try to enjoy life rest of the 8 hours without giving any care how nasty your work place is” Well now I understand he was telling the truth. Ever since I left that company I started to realize what a fool I have being to dedicate my life and other priorities in order to work. I was a good performer (that’s what they said) but still the company does go its own way without me being there. Well what to do, I was and I am too proud to listen to what anyone have to say about my life. Anyways I am happy at the new place, and at the same time I am not going to mix my work life, study life, home life and hopefully the love life, when I get it.

Happy work all!!!

more than that



7 thoughts on “What is a job?

  1. @ Roshan and Dee thanks guys

    @ Jack Point
    yeah just now i checked it out.. Came to work after a weeks holiday and guess what I am happy to be here :D

  2. wordpress do not have many themes that i actually like.. well here i change, change is here :)

    I made some custom headers for you, with some of your pictures from flickr (:
    I’ll mail em to you

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