Can’t help it, ever since i heard this, i just kept on craving to hear it more. Hope you’ll enjoy… as i very much am

and another


10 thoughts on “Layla

  1. oh yeah.. gets me all pumped up each time I hear Layla the original version which is the 2nd video here. I love it. I just love that lead.. Its phenomenal the way that simple lead captures everyone’s heart.

    I’d play drums to this song any day anytime.. thanks for the post..

  2. Also have heard the unplugged performance, which I could not find in utube, yeah this song deserves to be played more :)

  3. Check this link. I prefer this layla to the one here.. By the way I just noticed its Steve Gadd in both videos playing drums. The best at the front and the back :) :)

  4. Ah amazing love the guitar solo in the beginning, did a small google search, the song was written in 1970 and the released few times as a single, making it one of the best love songs ever.. and more amazing the reason it was written for..

    and about Steve Gadd, a legendary drummer ya? wow..

    thanks for the clip..added colour :)

  5. yep he definitely is.. He’s the one who plays that awesome groove in Paul simon’s Late in the evening. Not much of a fan of the song itself but the drumbeat is just awesome.. By the way nice blog.. Will be a fan if you keep putting up musical posts like this :) cuz I do somewhat similar set of blogging as well.

  6. wow he is really awesome:) I always wanted to be drummer, after seeing Caroline Corrs performance but there is nothing musical about me :D

    not quite sure about posting musical posts much but when I get good ones i sure will do

    checked your blog as well.. nice stuff :)

  7. well no ones stopping you from being a drummer ;) Rhythm can be induced in one if given the chance by themselves.. my anyways keep us posted with your MeThink thoughts..

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