Ms Independent

Those around me says that I am independent. But Am I? As Max Weber said and as I believe I feel that I am just trapped in an IRON CAGE, leaving no room for creativity. How much of an original idea that was brought to the world, or was is just a mere elaboration of thread of thought of someone else who did not finish it off.

No I am not independent. I still live by the rules of society, too afraid to let “I” to do what “I” think deep inside. Guess I will be independent the day I stop chasing a dream and trying to please others to achieve their dreams. Or should I be independent at all?

I am seriously going to study more on Max Weber’s work.


3 thoughts on “Ms Independent

  1. you are a miss independant! not just because you work to please others but that your capacity of being innovating has it depicted in you dear sis !!!!!

  2. yeah still not the exact creativity that comes out, cuz we are stuck in some set of rules given to us by somebody, so we have limited our movement.. not blaming the system, for it does create “social order”, which we adhere out of fear, respect or mere foolishness

    I might be wrong in this, but i am here to learn, and just finished off sociology :D

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