Make coffee to ME style

So I was studying just happened to log in to yahoo and found a article saying that coffee gives you short term memory boost. Well I did really needed something to hold all the theories and practices to be absorbed by my memory cells. Well just got the brain wave, yeah went to make coffee. Chaos in kitchen, Mom fuming, Dad laughing, Bro (obviously) waiting for me to do the inevitable thing and of cause my 24 hours follower who is not in twitter, doggy;Rockey. SO I made coffee. I mean I know how make coffee, and what can I say I am quite an expert. Ever since I went to the new place, we were compelled to make our own tea, cuz unlike my former company there are no more tea girls and tea boys to bring us tea sharp at 1000 hrs.

and here are few rules and regulations that I figured out during the process. Well how else would you know the existing rules until you break them

  • Put coffee, milk powder and sugar and mix them well
  • Before that start boiling water… sorry :)
  • Then once the water is boiled (if you are not sure, ask mom) pour a little in the cup with above mentioned mixture and stir well
  • then add more water accordingly
  • and during this process make sure MOM IS NOT BY YOUR SIDE JUDGING YOUR EVERY MOVE
  • AND NEVER EVER LET HER KNOW THAT YOU ARE A COFFEE ADDICT, she does not buy a “yahoo article” trust me
  • And after all that agreements and disagreements with mom always give some coffee to dad, cuz he just make you feel good about yourself :)
  • During the process just try as much as possible to IGNORE your younger siblings
  • After that drink the coffee, think what a good cook you are and go back to what ever you were doing
  • So I made coffee in ME style


    6 thoughts on “Make coffee to ME style

    1. Ha. Loved every bit of it. I’m a coffee addict. Been coffee free for 3 months. I splurged on Wednesday. Is ashamed. NOT! Buahhahaha

    2. Heh he. I thought ME Style was “Middle East” Style – where they boil the coffee with a touch of spices – a concentrated brew that tastes yum, looks like espresso and drunk in small cups…
      Like “coffee-shots” really!

    3. wow very nice! i know mummies cna be a bit of a pain sometimes, always poking their noses and misunderstanding everytihng,,,, your post makes me want to try out some coffee myself! thanks! lolz ;-D

    4. @ Serendib_isle oh sorry to disappoint you… this is my style, and do’s and don’ts in art of coffee making :D

      @ mujahdeen you see “Mom” is not just a person its a title given with lots of authority.. just so we can love her more :) yeah making coffee yourself is fun and quite an experience ;)

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