Describe the picture

Way, on the way
Way, on the way

Okay I am not bored no I am jobless. But I was going through lots of photography blogs, posts, sites ext and figured how much a still picture speaks for itself.

The way a picture talking to you is different from person to person in other words “perception” and what our senses catch from that given situation.

And I, a person with a 3.2 mega pixel camera phone, sitting next to a window, watching the traffic and glancing around to capture the beauty of Colombo.

This a junction I pass each day, and most of the time the tree did not had flowers except this very day, beginning of April (I think)

And now I am going to describe “my way” of looking at the world

Cloudless sky brings out shades of blue, with the help of sunlight giving an faded effect in the middle of the picture. The flowers are red, the tree is old but little bit of greenery give a soothing feeling. A cement wall is build to protect the house, seems like old but carrying a lot of memories. And the lovely cut out of Juice Bar, pointing the direction for thirsty people, Very eye catching, as its in yellow, pumpkin yellow (okay I am not a good person to distinguish colours, I know only the very basic). And, i would say, 20 meters away there are two three king coconut trees bearing king coconut (Obviously). Lucky owners.
The tree is actually in the middle of the pavement. Its obvious that the tree was grown before somebody thought of plastering the floor with cement. For the tree does looks of age and more than that we would never destroy concrete in order to find a place for the nature to grow. On the pavement there are road blocks built in cement. For some of us drivers do not realise the difference between the highway and the pavement. And then there is one of US sitting in one of those cement blocks. A man with a reason to look down and let his body weight to be carried by the structure so as to release his anger, hurt, agony or laziness. May be he jsut woke up and felt that his feet are not that strong to carry to “weight of living”

One picture if we look closely so many lives and incidents. So how many like this may we be passing in each second of our lives?


11 thoughts on “Describe the picture

  1. :)
    actually i got bad news on the tree with flowers, it’s no longer there as they have cut it… need to take a photo and post it here..

  2. yeah, concrete taking over nature
    ah i guess in Sri Lanka we call it “Mei tree” (May tree)
    Yup so colourful and vibrant

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  4. I’ve seen progression in every post. Your newer posts are simply wonderful compared to your posts in the past. Keep up the good work!

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