Woke up-Sweating-bathe-sweating-dressed-sweating-had breakfast-sweating-no gobbled down the breakfast-sweating-late-ran to the vehicle-sweating more-got in-sweating-caught in traffic-waiting-waiting-waiting-sweating-sweating-blamed it on the weather man-sweating-came to office-late-started work-sweating-work-twitt-work-twitt-work (i kinda like working)-work-break-went out-heat-heat-heat-could not breath-gagging for breathe-came indoor again-AC for survival-lunch-work-work-twitt-work-celebration time-sing”happy birthday to you”-eat lemon curd cake (yum yum)-came to work space-work-work-work-twitt-work-twitt-facebook-work-work-call-time to go home-sweating-sweating-traffic-waiting-checking out a guy (too young)-twitt-facebook-home-work???-work-wash-eat-facebook-twitt-blog-TV-ben 10-twitt-facebook-blog-sweating-bathe-sweating-good nyte

My boring life cycle


4 thoughts on “Today

  1. yeah life is just boring.. specially days like this :) still we got to move on.

  2. The cake is “yum-yum” kinda bitter sweet sorta curdish flavor :)
    Well actually I was a fan of Takeshi’s castle that went on in POGO, but they don’t telecast it any more..
    so Ben10 :) I am pretty old LOL

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