So I am waiting for..

The rain, what else should I ever be dreaming of in a sleepless night? With heat waves passing and swirling inside the room, does takes me into something between sleepless fatigue but still no sleep. May be our kindergarten teachers should be blamed for only teaching us to sing to chase away the rain, the rain that brings life to plants and more than that we become fresh with all the heat and dust gone. Think I have written about this some time ago. And then again with excess rain the life is not that great. Those are called floods my friend, bringing despair to many of us.
Isn’t it the same with life, and its other incidents? I mean we dream we make plans and we achieve and then to figure out that what we got is not enough, and look for more, it that very thing takes away the humanism away from us. Or worst yet, after all that effort we figure out its not what we were looking for. Something like raining on your wedding day.
Oh I am just ranting nonsense here, because the heat is melting my brain cells and have an exam in 5 days, studied in a very subtle way hence no clue what to go and write, and these sleepless nights are not helping at all, cuz these days are the open season for mosquitoes to hunt us down.


3 thoughts on “So I am waiting for..

  1. I love the rain…. I miss standing in it and getting drenched head to toe.. very 8 yr old of me I know.. but doesnt stop me from doing it again…. & again….& again….& again….

  2. come on only 8 year old’s have the right to enjoy the moment?
    we all feel the same way.. :)

  3. A tip akki ….
    Wait in the rain akki without umbrella then it will be an answer for most of your prbs (literally) and will stop ur brain cells burning
    ;P ;P ;P

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