My name is

What is it about the name? Other than we answers to it when somebody called out, does it actually define the person who it is. Anyways I think I have kind of a unique name. The only issue is I do not no the true meaning of it. Did a search and found that it may mean “Golden Ethnic Lady” and none of that is me (er I am a Lady)or the “Golden Snare” or “Golden black Swan” (what the…?). But I like it and never really want to change it.
I was flipping through this paper today, and found 41 people are actually changing their names. True some of their given names are outrageously funny, but some of them are kinda decent and they seems to not like it. Then again their names their way.
And then comes “Nick names” I never actually liked to call people in their nick names, but being hanging around in this universe I finally got accustomed to it. So I called them in what ever the format they prefer. And trying to have a nick name of my own I have failed to do so. Sometime back I wanted them to call me “Mika” and they thought I was a guy, Then “Nel” again a guy. So now without me forcing anybody all of us including myself agreed on the term “Ran” (pronounced as -run-) I am okay but then again there are quite a few “Ran”s in the scene so I sometime do not respond to Ran unless I am sure its me who they are calling (by “they” i mean the people around me Family to colleagues)
And then there is a funny thing. So far I have being working in two different companies. And both places there had being a girl who has a similar rhyming name. And both places people end up calling me that other girls name, people just get it mixed up. Do I get upset? Hell no cause the name is only a tag to identify you from a crowd and even they call me in different names other than my own, and still the message is clear for my senses and still I am a part of that social institution I care less.

P.s. how i got my blogger identity


Ran – First part of my first name
Ne- First part of my second name
Lee- Last part of my first name

Some body said thats the most outrageous way of selecting a name, and I might have a career in selecting names for babies.


2 thoughts on “My name is

  1. its either that who ever named us must have known that we would be like that or we, during the process of living tend to do as our name tells us…

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