Shadow of the light

Shadow on the van seat
Shadow on the van seat
Shadow shadow,
Who brings you out
Light touch my hand
You were born with that
Missing space
As my hand danced with the light
You created a life story
Behind the scene.
Alas shadow you are everywhere
You are there when light escape the sight
I tried to touch you
Needed to feel if you are warm or cold
As I came near you ran away
Ran away hiding from the light
Oh Shadow shadow on the wall
Talk to me
Tell me you will be there
When the light escape me


4 thoughts on “Shadow of the light

  1. yeah I am just those lazy people who never edit once written.. :)

    I listened. Thank you I do like it. I mean its really something.. good good.
    I really do not have a particular taste. Like what ever I feel its my kind. Rather stupid when trying to figure out the gender of music but a fan of different tastes:)

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