Ting-a-ling-ling – II

As well as being vital for understanding each other, in my view communication has three components

01. The Language
02. The ability to express
03. The ability understand the senses

We may use all three or any combination of them. And language is not necessary. But it does act as a lubricant to flow a conversation smoothly.

But sometimes we fail to express ourselves, or the social institutions, ethics and cultures have put up constrains and refrain us from letting ourselves out.

In my case I sometime really want to be nasty and let my demon out. Or love deeply, yet fail to do so because I have lack of ability to express myself and inability to understand the senses of the person standing in front of me. Need a 6th sense


3 thoughts on “Ting-a-ling-ling – II

  1. That’s a good breakdown, albeit rather simplistic. Language can include both speech as well as body language, yeah? The ability to express oneself is mostly up to you, as much as it might be restricted by the forces that be, you can always fight against it. The only problem with that is that the other party may feel uncomfortable and not be able to respond as they too would have to break those barriers. Maybe that is why it becomes difficult to understand them? It’s an interesting topic to discuss but can be depressing when you realize just how minimal human communication is on the surface, compared to all it could be.

  2. well it just occurred to me and true body language too. Sort of like the media which we use to put out what we feel inside. And I agree with your last bit specially..

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