Everyday life

A girl passed by humming
A boy drift by whistling through out
The man with eye brows in a broken arc
Counted the vegetable in his bag
While a woman waited for a bus clutching 2 rupees in her hand.
I felt the dust, sneezed it out as I needed to breath for my survival
even though the smell of pain is lingering in air
Felt empty inside
Yet happy to be alive
Am human as they are
Trying to figure out
Why we act as we do
So we rule the world
But bow down to emotions inside.


8 thoughts on “Everyday life

  1. LOL oh my god, well it could be that she is having only 2 rupees, hence she is just standing in the bus halt may be hoping that some one will be kind enough to lend her money :)

  2. Sure :P either that or she’s in India :P but who would be so kind? A beggar perhaps? It takes quite a lot to ask for money from a stranger. I remember once while walking home a man came up to me and explained his situation and asked me for some money to take a bus. He had come to see a client but the client was not at home and he had to go all the way back to Maharagama, and this was at Ratmalana. He addressed me as ‘son’ and spoke entirely in the best English he could, and I could tell that he felt uncomfortable, like his dignity was on the line. I gave him enough and tried to let him know I wasn’t judging him by his plight or anything else for that matter, but you know how people are (:

  3. Come to think of it just remembered Mr. Bean’s holiday :) the things they did to earn money to get back home :)
    Guess its the way the world is, trust is an issue and and we all are victims of it..

  4. I’m not sure if trust has much to do with it, but it’s definitely an issue and for good reasons. It’s sad when people you trust can be skeptical about trusting you back. But any feeling that’s not returned has the ability to upset. Humans are interesting the way they deal with such things, I often look at animals with envy, how simple their lives are, even they can love, their love is pure, without all the unnecessarily complications we humans are notorious for. We attempt to make our lives simpler, but in the process we end up only further complicating it with new words and definitions, explanations and contradictions. We’re so obsessed with figuring things out that we more often than not forget the most basic and important things in life, but that’s just the way we are. Eternally confused, running around looking for things undue, trying to make them so, longing to feel something someone said was good, or needed to live a fulfilling life, but most of us die before we have time to realize and get on with real life. No one ever knows what reality really is, we only create our own, or adopt someone elses. Pity.

  5. Life is a stage and we all are actors in it. We think this is a script to follow and that script was written by some power that we ourselves have created. And the best part is all of us think we are the hero, give less priority for the supporting roles, in the process forgetting that their act do help us to stage our own.
    And with the above case trust is an issue for one side and the other constrain is (again as you said) self dignity.
    what ever the matter is as human we suffer and watch others suffer, I feel a change is needed but all i can do is change within myself..

  6. beautifully said! :D
    at the first line I thought you were going to talk about Shakespear’s As You Like It.
    In Act 2 Scene 7, Jacque has his monologue that begins
    “All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,
    His acts being seven ages”


    you could write a rather interesting post with all the comments on this one ;)

  7. :) well Shakespeare did effect us in many ways.. i mean I was reading one of his plays (written suitable for a 10 year old :) ) and was amazed to find that he talks about Camouflaging. ” Macbeth “never vanquish’d be until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill shall come against him”. May be it was written, talked or done many years before that but was amazed to find many incidents like that in Shakespeare’s work.

    ahh don’t count on me writing a post on this. As my MeThinks? page says I am a Lazy person to actually do so :)

    But you could since the conversation was, indeed carried on by your inputs as well :)

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