Need help :( here is my hand :)

How many times in your life that you have helped some one regardless of his/her differences or similarities or what ever. Taking that aside once you helped how many times that we have expect the same from that very person. Understand as human we are unable to live alone and act alone. Need to interact and work together just to live by. At times like this we tend to ask for help. And we receive it. (for me cuz I am surrounded by few angels ) or may be we would not. Okay lets not be selfish. What happens when its the other way round. When someone ask for your help. Would you really do out of the way? Only I know about me more than anyone, I am just gonna say “yes I would” and “I have”
Yesterday had a conversation with a friend which led me to think things through, many times I have helped out people no matter what the situation was. The best part is I never regret it and I NEVER EVER expect them to return the same (or something less or greater) For me, the best part of helping out some one is the feeling, feeling of I am being a human was able to cause a person in a tight corner to loosen up a bit.
And if I was in the same situation and they did not help me, I really do understand, cuz the circumstances that I had and what they have now may not be the same, hence I do not have the right (in my view) to expect that person to save me. But if again, he wanted my helping hand I will not hesitate to give it, provided that I too have the ability to help ya.


2 thoughts on “Need help :( here is my hand :)

  1. sometimes :) you tend to do much better by your self.. you see when I do not receive help when in need, i just think to myself “this is the subtle way of life teaching me how to fish for my survival” :) so help received within myslef

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