Leaving on a Jet plane..

Really like that song. something about it make you happy and yet sad. Guess one of those bitter sweet memory thing is doing some magic with the song. Anyhow not long ago I left my first job. To be honest I did not felt sad at all. I mean I will be in the same city and engaged in something I would like to do. But today was something different. Because people I have worked with are leaving the company (former). At each passing hour I got texts, emails and FB status saying each one of them leaving. The turn around is that, they all were people I worked, fought, laughed, danced, ate and shared feelings with. I just went back the memory lane. Guess I am really selfish, cuz I felt with them the memory I had about that place is really leaving. Or may be I am being just sentimental.

wish each and everyone of you a future that you always dream of… a quick note for all of them


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