Habits are for ?

habits habits every where,
everybody has and you don’t dare

I just made that up. Guess thats one of my habits. Trying to rhyme and making small sing-a-lone’s. Some people hate it and few of them like it. And I fall to the later category.

So what is a habit? A action you might have given some thought when doing for the first time. But gradually it became part of you and now subconsciously you do it without any problem-o (ah another habit)

So Can we criticize someone just so that they have habits? I think NO and YES. No one can actually make you stop your routine on doing things your way. But People have the right to asking you to stop perhaps it will not be healthy for those around you (e.g. Smoking) and to you (e.g. Smoking again)

So What are habits that annoys other people? I hate people who shake their legs while talking and talk food in mouth and the list grows. But then again they do it because they feel comfortable with it. And why should i be the nasty one to invade their comforts.

So what made you write the post above? I have no clue. Just to pass time. Guess thinking about nonsense is another habit of mine.


2 thoughts on “Habits are for ?

  1. hmm yes I also get annoyed when people shake their legs – makes me want to shout at them to BE STILL – I don’t of course :). Also can’t stand it when people start singing songs I love – completely off key :D

  2. Singing song – guess i do that lol and completely off key.. but never when people are around, i mean i really wanna live :D

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