Walk Talk and iPOD and we are all human

So how would you measure a person? Its not easy. Especially for a person like moi who have a hard time figuring me out. Being the human we are and having to interact with equally or more complex human beings I have felt the best way to deal is just let if flow as a river would do. Many a time (specially a certain category) have told me “you are impossible” I do pity them cuz many a time I find some of my actions do contradict my inner self.
Why is that so? Perhaps my inner self always want me to do the “right thing” but the out person just trying to survive in a world which still runs on the fuel of “survival of the fittest” As always since I do not have any productive thing to do other than think about social systems and world economics may be reason being that I am suppose to “study” and try and write something for the upcoming exam (groan….) I make my self think about various Cute funny dreams to rather serious things. And during times like this i happen to pull out an old CD, a collection of my Mp3 that I thought (notice the emphasis on thought) the best ever created. And found that some of them are rather gibberish and what in the world made me ever like them. But then again its me, me who was free and didn’t care what was going around and actually belived that whole world is all about love and harmony. The best part is being the rather complex person as I stand here I was wise enough to figure out the music I loved was all about Love and creating a world of beauty.
May be its just me but I really do feel that the music heals a soul and at the same time cries out what your soul wants. And my iPod carries nothing at all. Because I erased them all


3 thoughts on “Walk Talk and iPOD and we are all human

  1. i just miss my teenage where the only reason I woke up to be happy rest of the day.. and then i opened my eyes, now each day i see how people suffer and I can’t do anything about it, but tell them “don’t worry be happy” or “life’s like that”
    I actually started to write about how much music define a persons character but see what I ended up.. didn’t want to change the heading anyways

    thanks :)

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