Stop in the middle and Lets Talk…

So I was minding my own business having a walk in the pretty cool path. Suddenly the three wheeler that just over took me stopped in the middle of the road and started having the “a day-to-day” activity sharing session, with another three wheel guy who was on his way to the opposite direction and abruptly stopped in the middle of the road. Both these men were actually leaving no place for me to continue my walking, but go middle of the road. How can this be? Don’t these people knows road ethics? and above all where the hell am i to walk?
Well on the other hand three wheelers are passable, I have seen those humongous buses stop in the middle of the road, start talking about their family life, where a decent line of vehicles honking their brains off, trying to remind them “hello we are here to trying to continue our way”.
And then there are plenty of other drivers who happens to talk on their mobile phones, scream other drivers, honk the horn as if they have a mind of their own and make it impossible for other drivers and pedestrians to actually use the road.
What to do? we all have to share this world and I have to cope up with everything all they do. Despite of all these earth is a funny place to live in, specially the road :)


One thought on “Stop in the middle and Lets Talk…

  1. OMG the road is indeed a funny place! As someone recently graduated from 2 feet to 4 wheels I have to say that it feels safer! At least i have a huge hunk of metal to protect me from the furies of the Sri Lanka roads! :P

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