Rehab my iPOD and me

Its true what they say, it’s not easy to stop as you start. I have a habit of plugging myself to my iPOD and play the music so loud that many around will turn around and look, where the commotion is. I just can’t help it I am so in to beats heat and pop that I find my own little joyous world in there. But I actually started having a hearing problem, as my friends complained that I seem to be not answering when my name was called out. And sometimes people had actually repeated what they say; hence I am sort of friendless. And the best part is when you talking to your boyfriend and he had to practically shout so my parents also knows what out plans were; which again made me man-less.
So after giving it a thought I promised myself that I will not plug myself for some time. Starting from yesterday. Yeah Yesterday was good because I really felt proud of myself since I was able to discover that I do have a head, due to the fact that I had a throbbing pain which gave it away. And hence all I did was sleep. I loved yesterday (that is another story).
Now today, I was sleeping all the way to office which I usually plug my ears and pretend that I am listening to meditating tapes. But survived okay at work once I got an assignment to do and I was kind of “finish-it, finish-it, finish-it now” mode.
Then later on the day I felt so dazed and felt like I am saying things that I am not suppose to say and doing things that I am not meaning to do. I mean it’s not me. I am acting all weird. I actually look like a vampire from “twilight” (the feminine version). Then inside my head “ grab the headset listen listen listed to the beats” but my mind “no no no you promised” and me “my my my this is how those people who go for rehabilitation must be feeling”
I still do love music, but at the same time I want to hear people talk to me too and be a part of the world of the normal society. So I unplugged (?) myself from the iPOD and started listening to the little birdies singing far far away. And left my iPOD at home. So let’s see how much strength I have to pull this off.


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