They all come together..

Have you ever noticed that when you need to submit a assignment, and how much you have pre-planned everything, somehow you get stuck at some point and hence you turned up to be the last person to submit.. May be its just me, I always end up messing it all up and however feeling lucky cause I am surrounded with people who actually love me, even tough they do turn a very stern face whenever I come with a mess.

I have no clue but also I have noticed dilemma always comes with few more other equally massive dilemmas.I mean having one trouble and being able to solve it is at your reach. But in my case I always get them in plural and some how managed to actually solve them. So its true what they say”trouble comes in double bubble” and “every problem has a solution” Its like magic. If I just sit down and gather my memory pebbles I can even publish a book having the title as “Perils of Rannelee and how and her great Gets-by” no no not Great Gatsby

Just a quick note, cause until yesterday I was having all the issues to be attended and sorted all the while I was just reciting “the answer my Friend is blowing in the wind ”

I am getting back to my work now.. a busy day but I am kind of happy :-)

and I loved doing the assignment even though I screwed it up but i have done “a good job” quoting my lecturer


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