National Flag

I noticed, lately how many people have actually gone through the trouble in hoisting the national flag in every street corner, lamp post and all the way to the high level road up to their door step. Looks good, yeah I get the picture you are patriotic. I love my coutry and wouldn’t hesitate to say that I am Sri Lankan, however what really annoys me is the way these people actually hangs the nations flag. The national flag symbolizes not only patriotism for one or two days but for a life time and not forgetting the respect we have for the country. However most of these flag “hoisters” does not give the due respect and just let it hang around in some junction, where dust, rain and sun have discoloured the true “colours” of the flag. the sad part is they have actually forgotten that they themselves did hang a flag.
I remember while in school we actually had to stand attention when the national flag was hoisted, but the actual world we live in, is treating the national flag as another piece of cloth
This is our National Flag not a thing you check, how dusty Sri Lanka can be. Hope whoever reading this post will actually hoist the national flag with the true feeling of patriotism and treat it with the respect and honor it deserves.


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