Exams: what to do?

Panic panic and panic more…

Thats just me, when I could have well prepared so many months ago, I just being the “classic procrastinator” wait till the lat minute. I mean I pass them, do kind of okay. I am not a born intelligent brainy person but a average student, who always cram all the content in few hours, and do not talk to anyone till I write the paper, as I am afraid of spilling it all out.But if I had really started at least a month ago I would have done a better job. But NO some people never learn. And I am one of those “some people” who get highly exited during the exam time. Unfortunately.

Well not exactly.May be fortunately, because I faintly remember reading an article that its sort of good for your brain to be bit excited during the examination time. This actually helps you to relax the system and you tend to give quite creative answers. Well a person like me who never finish studying off the whole study text, sure need some creativity.

I still have not found any proper method to study so I actually do not know what to do during the exam season. No not the hunting season, though feels like the prey. Well there are more exams to come in future and I sure hope find an easy way to study “Macroeconomics” in two days.

This is my 100th post. If anyone interested to know.

Got to study now !!!


3 thoughts on “Exams: what to do?

  1. I know what ur mean, i’m like a total last minute person myself. After all these years of cramming i STILL haven’t learnt!
    GOOD LUCK!! I tent to depend on it too much tho ;)

  2. A really well constructed post. Thanks very much for posting this. Additionally, I wish to level out that you have a superb theme to your blog! Keep up the great work!

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