Ah you are here!!!

Rain started today. Finally something that I asked, I got. just hearing the clitter clatter of the tiny but sharp water drops falling on to a hard surface made me beam even in middle of rather busy and tiresome Monday with lots of due work but obviously I had the time to write this post simply because “you make me so happy”. The smell of dust that was trying to get away without getting wet, made me laugh my evil uncouth laugh and at the same time point my finger “ha ha get away you tiny winy little dust particles. Run Hide and never come back. Go away from those lovely grass petals who are trying to wash you off”

I just love rain. Provided that I am inside a building or vehicle. Oh may be, may be when I am out as well. The cool of air, the feeling of freshness. And the moment of waiting for those flowers to bloom, which was postponed due to lack of H2O for their growth. But my beautiful babies, the rain is here, go enjoy, enjoy while it last.

Well I knowand I am aware of the fact that rain does come with more than that, its pro-mud-puddle, which leads to traffic in fine roads. But it just started raining after oh so many months and my head got wet.so please let me enjoy today dancing in the rain…


2 thoughts on “Ah you are here!!!

  1. I love this poem….thats just bcoz I love the fresh smell that brings & love the way I feel when its about to start..Gloomy sky…”Cool of air”…Love to hear the “clitter clatter” when it kiss the ground…. And Ranmalee, mostly I always love the way u make simple things amazing!!!!!

  2. […] life to plants and more than that we become fresh with all the heat and dust gone. Think I have written about this some time ago. And then again with excess rain the life is not that great. Those are […]

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