what Methinks on Google chrome

Was addicted to Internet Explorer and thought it was making life easy with different types of tool bars displaying, even though half of them was actually used by me. Last Friday a friend of mine asked me to try out Google chrome, voala I think i found the very thing i was looking for. Its so easy, I mean it, for a person like me who still think Internet is just another net, this is a life saver. Beta version being out in September 2008 bundle with Microsoft, I am aware of the fact that I am a late adopter, but Google Chrome was able to make me happy in two days. And I am not an easy person make happy.
And It is fast and very manageable, and it is sophisticated but at the same time so much easier to approach.
Chromium being the open source project behind Google chrome and is released under the BSD license, and comes with other open source liscense such as MIT License, the LGPL, the Microsoft Permissive License and a MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license.
(Accordine to Wikipidia )

and a cool image that was adopted from www.favbrowser.com

Then I checked with few who have tried their hand in other browsers, such as Firefox web browser and Opera, well they seems to be satisfied with them. However if i recall my memory I have actually worked on them and could not remember feeling so satisfied as I am now, using Google chrome.

as I said earlier I was using Internet Explorer and I am not being unfaithful to it.f I still have in in my computer as a back up solution just in case GC does not work. Because the friend who suggested this have a problem in downloading some pdf’s which made me wonder, may be its a fault with the web browser. well I am not a Techy person so i will not make any comments on that.


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