Impression is a superposition?

First I try, impressing my mom, she was too kind
Then my dad he did not mind
At school pretending to cram the brain with what they teach
And Impressing friends and foes
Time was over I was unimpressed
I met boy, impressed him till the bond was undone
Impression went away with boy
Me not impressed
Now waiting here, trying hard to impress thyself
Once again, making it impossible to
Impress myself


5 thoughts on “Impression is a superposition?

  1. Wow, Okay…. need to read between the lines.. dat’s nice


    dont impress anyone! it’s not worth it.. (sorry)
    think i’ll start my own blog too…

  2. Lucky : true harder the better :) I mean if everything was so easy the life would be sooooo boring :)

    Praveen: yeah !!! you do that.. :)

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