Facebook.. uh oh.. am i addicted?

Read a nice article. God I AM addicted. I mean not so much. But I do log change my status update more often, and yeah I have friends whom I have not actually met. I mean I know them but I have not seen them, the reasons to add them are

1. My colleagues
2. Claims to be from my school
3. Someone recommended
4. I do not have a clue (uh no I have deleted them or do not accept them)

And I get pretty annoyed with those who do not show off their picture or proper name and still send requests.

So what I do for my own rehab kind of thing is stay away from facebook for a week or so… yes not even checking update mails sent to my mail account.

But I do love facebook..

Guess we humen, are quite addictive, not only facebook.. But keeping in touch with friends.. or my case my foe too :)

Wanted to share this piece posted by Tara Stiles Help! I’m Addicted to FaceBook!


9 thoughts on “Facebook.. uh oh.. am i addicted?

  1. OMG i actually decided i’m going to stay away for a week today, then i realised i couldn’t.
    Hi my name’s xxxxx and i’m addicted to Facebook!

    BUUUUT I’m going to try. I know already that if i try hard enough i can give up certain things :)
    Good luck to u!

  2. that week..urrr that week.. let’s say i was like a gal in desert craving for a bit of water… lol

    but Luckyyy you should try it.. hmmmm cuz suddenly you realize that people around you are indeed talking to you.. lol

  3. Ran: i know i ‘should’ but then again, it’s so HARD!!!!! And well i don’t do facebook games, such a waste of mindpower! Hehe
    Wack: My name is XXX. Now isn’t that easier to pronounce?

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