Had a Sun Bath in Colombo

Felt nice today. Sitting near the window with the morning sun rays trying to creep through my skin. It did burn your skin, still you enjoy that cozy feeling. Yes I was literally in one of the most busiest areas of Colombo, and today out of all days lines of vehicles have suddenly stopped moving, glad once again for not being the driver. Gave time to look around me. Hey it’s not bad, matter of fact Colombo is a nice place to pass by. I was born and breed in Colombo and hear all the time people complaining the nasty traffic(I myself complain regularly) and the concrete jungle that make you lose your mind. But still… in its own way Colombo stood there with all that voodoo, hidden mysteries giving us a place to live.
They actually had flower plants in middle of the road, yellow and covered the whole tree, dusty but still danced to the wind created by automobile, so I just clicked my phone.

Flowers of Colombo
Flowers of Colombo

Just remembered how much I loved the Cumarthunga Munidasa Road aka Thurston Road, the huge old trees that shaded the area, which aroused the curiosity in my mind, and for a fact wanted to know the really history behind them. But unfortunately I had to settle for any assumption, that the Colombo University wanted to have a look-a-like to the Peradeniya University and probably had them grown. When I ride through them I always tilt my head to see the light coming through them, feels like you in a jungle, with carpeted road.


And when you go alone the Marine Drive and all the way to Fort you pass by one of the beach, may be not safe but still you are welcome to stop and have a breathe of that salty air. May be watch the sunset, ease your mind. And eat Ice cream

Sea sky
Sea sky

Even the massive buildings are not half bad. I mean I have worked in the 15th floor of one such buildings and each evening I used to open the blinds and rest my eyes on the busy Colombo, yes busy like a beehive burst open in spite of that, everything looked so small and tiny little bulbs shone to create a sky full of stars kinda scene. And yeah I am watching the earth kinda feeling.

And on my way home today I was amazed by the sky art. Went speechless.

Sky art
Sky art

Well no matter what is being told before I like Colombo, not only because of the beauty but the danger it brings with itself.
As my thoughts drifted away like this I figured that I was actually listen to “Beach by Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti” a song played in the film The Beach (2000)
I Just love this part

  • i still believe in paradise
    but now at least i know it’s not some place you can look for
    cause it’s not where you go
    it’s how you feel for a moment in your life
    and if you find that moment it lasts forever
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