You are my Diamond

Today started with a request by a friend to write a poem for her wedding. Well symbolizing her love for the man and must say she is quite the happy one. and on the other hand this is the “Wedding Season” and everybody i know seems tying up the knot. No comments!!! Really!!! I mean just like to see people finding happiness and so on. But in other hand I just detest this “valentine nonsense” going around.
Well the funny part is I am not in love with anyone or something hence was having doubts if I will be able to write up something at all. So I sat for a while, typed in something and sent it to her. She loved it !!! Mission Accomplished !!!

Thought of posting it up

You are my diamond
So beautiful and elegant
Bringing me richness of love and happiness
Making me feel worthy for this blissful moment
So let me wrap around you
Protecting you taking care of you
When the whole world sings for us
This moment when our two hearts become one
Please look at my eyes and feel the depth of my love
For you for an eternity

had to write another and here you go

Smiling was easy
Happiness just came to me
Even the tears had no weight
For you are here holding me
Sunshine moonlight
Rain and daylight
Will be there and I am ready to face
As you are here for me
World of colours world of music
World with love and hope of future
So meaningful to me
Now that you are my world.
Hold my hand today and forever
At this moment when we become one
Make the pledge to be young
Forever in love



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