Annoyance with facebook

I just want to find them and slap them in their faces. There are people whom I have never heard of and who do not even put up a photo of their own and then send in friend’s request. The better part is they even add a message saying “Hi, how are you? Would like to get to know you…” Well mister how about first showing off your face. I mean I totally decide my friends on their looks so why make an exception for you.
Yes I understand facebook is a social network and some of you would like to be friends with people you have never seen or never heard of, but at least put your real picture, not a Hollywood, Bollywood or Tollywood(not sure what they call southern Indian film industry) actor’s one. And fine you have the liberty to do so, then stop sending friends requests and think that we are going to accept it. I may be 23 but still am not going total to strangers who pretend to be someone else.
My dear friends, I do not give a damn about, how you look just that I am so annoyed with these faceless fakebook people.


7 thoughts on “Annoyance with facebook

  1. wooow kwl blog gal.. thtz soooo true … thrz soo many fakebookz in da netwrk these dayz nt willin 2 shw there true identity thse ppl cn be considered as freakz without self confidence. All da bst keep it up :D

  2. remove the link to add u as a friend..tht way u wont get anymore friend requests..easy

  3. lol yeah i know, actually you can’t blame them, it’s their “Facebooking” right…
    but then again they were violating my rights on being there in the network as available to be connected..
    Despite all that I like facebooking on an off

  4. Are you on the Sri Lanka Network? Then there’s your problem! Being on Networks, is just an open invitation to weird ppl asking u to be friends!
    I had one guy in maybe like his early 40s from south india with a profile picture of him and his family who said i look pretty and if i would like to be his friend… creepy much?

  5. yes i am.. in my part all of them are young.. ah well I think they are.. how to know if they do not post their own picture.. each week i have to ignore a substantial amount of un-friendly friends requests like this..

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