Wearing red

I wanted to wear red today, no not feeling rebellious nor want to challenge the status quo, for it’s not me. I found this top buried deep inside my closet which I never have the time to tidy up, so I though and I wore. Today the sky was blue as blue can be and clear as clear can be no rain clouds no any cloud at all. Came to the road t see one out of five of them was wearing red. Got me thinking.. hmmm is there a hidden agenda somewhere, why almost all the people wearing red today? And not only today whenever I chose to wear red, almost all of my office colleagues or just people I meet on the road are clad in red… amazing.. guess all of are having the same mood of clothing…
During lunch we had a small discussion about those gypsy ladies carrying a bundle of clothes, a substitute for their handbag, asking you to stop whatever you doing and listen to her so she can tell you what is going to happen in the next ten years. Well my friend who obviously did not have any interest but wanted to get rid of her have offered her some money, which this gypsy lady has offered to show off her talents
Gypsy Lady (GL) : Nona as you do not want to listen to what I have to say, just think of a red and a white flower? And I will guess
My Friend (F) : well then hmmm… okay fine I thought
(the Red flower was Rose and white flower Jasmine )
GL: well nona you thought of the red rose and white Jasmine
F: (hmmmmmmmm) well now that’s correct
No the GL was not a mind reader its something that she was being taught of. Apparently when most people almost all thinks of those two flowers when somebody asked you to name.
Sometime back I got a email, which related a story of some scene (which I can’t remember now) and end of it asked to name a vegetable, and when you scroll down it says, “you have guessed Carrot” which is true for most of us. Same thing applies when you are asked to name a colour, most of us end up replying “Blue”
How funny we human still think a like, guess its something to do with weather


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