RNG074, originally uploaded by Rannelee.

Quite calm peace and serenity and Me Thinks continues, turbulence deep in water so the sailing is adventurous

We went to Thoutupala, Piliyandala last month. Had a real, adventurous time. Well not the type of thing that Army does just some outdoor activities that we, “desky workaholic” dread and find difficult to perform.
Had a nice time, that’s where my love for mountain climbing grew. Did Kayaking, man I love the water.
After all that adventure took some photos of the place, one of the peaceful places I have being. I like it.


2 thoughts on “Thotupala

  1. Since may have being asking me

    Thotupala had some awesome outdoor activities. Rolling jumping over 6 feet wall, gorilla rope, going through a muddy tunnel, crawling under a barb wire and many many adventurous stuff.
    Also wall climbing and also kayaking which I fell in love with (apart from all the things mentioned above)

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