Rock my cradle, cuz I am not sleeping

Sleep, a noun, a natural recurring condition of mind and body in which eyes are closed, muscles and nerves relaxed, and consciousness suspended. Well that’s what the dictionary says and what I am not right now. So amazing but I have found that I hardly fall asleep in the night, deprived of the fact that I do not sleep during the day time. I mean just last year I wrote in one of those cute little applications of social network my most practiced hobby as sleeping, sleeping like a log, I live to sleep and blah blah blah. Yet here I am writing this when many of you fast asleep, partying somewhere or may be just may be not sleeping just like me.
I am not having any sleep disorder just that I am having the pleasure of sleeping for not more than 2 -3 hours. Suddenly I just wake up to the night to hear the world around me taking their peaceful calm sleep while I cramming my head to count the sheep jumping from the neighbor’s gate. Wait-a-minute was it’s a sheep or the great black den? Or the yety? Santa? Am I dreaming? Can’t be I am everything but SLEEPING. Well this reminds me of my younger days. Where once upon a day I was awake like this and switched the light to hear someone stumbling outside my house. I guess I was not interested in doing any investigation switched it off , to find out the next day, there was a robber crawling around the area and have robbed our neighbor’s house. And this robber have chosen to go through our back yard but since I, the real hero here have switched the lights, the scared man just dropped what he stole and run for his life. (hey actually no one really cared my heroism back then, oh well I wasn’t actually doing anything)
Anyways I once claimed that I am not falling sleep in front of my friends and they just said, “oh well it’s a curse, each of us has it during some period of our life, and now you are facing it…” ah guess my period is quite long. The best part is I am quite the merry bird these days. I mean I have no game no fame and not so lame life here compared to what it used to be. I should be falling asleep, cuz I do not have any problem, other than the fact that I pray each night that it should rain. And then again one of my friends said that when he has a problem with no solution what he does is go to sleep and the next day all the missing pieces of the puzzle is fixed. I should find some problems too. Oh I do have one, rain yes I am trying to make rain.
The bottom line is I have tried so many methods, but still I am up and awake not falling asleep, tossing and turning dancing to the tune of stray dogs and alley cats orchestra, mumbling voodoo to make it rain and writing this post hoping one of you will give me a good solution to get some decent sleep, as tomorrow I need to go to work and hopefully before nightfall finish my assignments and to be waken just like this. arrgghhhh
and I have heard that talking to someone helps to fall asleep, or at least you get the satisfaction that he/she is up like you and tossing and turning to go back to sleep… now who out my contacts is fast asleep right now??? hmmm
p.s. I wish that it would rain cuz I am too darn lazy to water the plants and my mom have put me in charge of it… ya I know they shouldn’t order me around. I am a grown-up now…


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