Taxi – you wanna ride?

In Sri Lanka we get taxies to travel to a destination we want. Given the fact that we reach anywhere in this country within the day ltaxi’s have become a well demanded service. As far as I have noticed, we have three modes of vehicles

–And that ever so wonderful three- wheeler,
Three wheelers which most of us might recognize with the term “tuk-tuk” though how much i hate t us this term, I have caught myself actually using it. I personally think Tuk-tuks are indeed the cause of traffic most of the cases, due to the fact that they actually can creep in anywhere anytime. There are reported cases where three wheeler which have crept through closed rail way gates and end up with a fatal accidents. Just like motorcycles three wheelers is fast way to travel in busy Colombo. But not a cheaper way.

Today I happen to flick through the TV as I am a couch potato and only mode of entertainment I have is watching TV , I happen to watch T4Xi, a French movie and relatively not so cute guys. But the ride they were using was something. A real hansom Peugeot 401. The below clip will tell the rest of the story

Well as I was watching it, I just dreamt of roads like that in Sri Lanka and to hit 180mph on my way home. Understood that Sri Lanka is a small country and we cannot exactly have long roads like that, but at least let our roads be actually ride-able.

to all the smiling walls this is for your notice


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