Mountain climbing

mountain-climbing-ladakhI always thought it was rather “cool” to be climbing mountains, maybe I built a fantasy after seen Tom Cruz climbing a mountain in some remote place and getting an assignment that was dropped by a helicopter. My first try out happened in Nuwara eliya. There was a small cliff in front of my aunt’s house so I went for it. With slippers on, I tried climbing. The first step was good and the next went okay. The third I stepped on a rock which went loose causing me to fall on to a mud puddle. Well the dramatic twist was the cliff actually was near a small road, and just as I got up from the mud a bus loaded with people was looking at me with amusement in their eyes which definitely showed off by laughing at me.
Second attempt was in Excel world which my previous company. We had a small get together with some activities and wall climbing was in the agenda. So back in action I stepped to do it. Bottom part was easy and after struggling for god knows how many hours I somehow climbed to the top. And once I was there I promised myself “I will never climb it again”
Many years passed my current company decided that we should do some activities in Thotupala. There was a wall and hence I decided to climb in spite of promising myself not to do it again. This time I looked at the wall. Then whispered

    “Dear wall,
    I know I have being a good girl.
    And without your help I do not think I can really make it up there.
    So please please show me the way.
    Lead me to the higher grounds”

And guess what the wall actually did listen to me. I was quite the athlete and climbed the wall easily. Matter of fact I climbed it twice and I felt so proud of myself. Well the actual pain started the next day where my hands started to give aches and pains, who cares I just loved the feeling of climbing.
So now I have an ambition. Yes to climb mountains. Not because of Tom Cruz but this time I have actually tried doing some of it. Yes a wall is nowhere compared to a mountain. But that’s what training camps are there for. So Mount Everest await for my arrival. Ah yeah dream big at least one day I will climb that small cliff in front of my aunt’s place.


3 thoughts on “Mountain climbing

  1. Welcome to the climbers world. I really enjoy climbing mountains. Just a little while ago, a month perhaps, went to climb mount Asama in Japan. Climbed a little, and last week I heard it erupted! Yes I too am dreaming of Mount Everest! About two years ago I spent about two weeks climbing but only reached the first base camp!

  2. wow thats really awesome… its hard but once you done it feeling is unbelievable. well what I have done so far is wall climbing

  3. […] workaholic” dread and find difficult to perform. Had a nice time, that’s where my love for mountain climbing grew. Did Kayaking, man I love the water. After all that adventure took some photos of the place, […]

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