why do we live?

Always marvel on the reason why we have a world and put to live in it, a life that we didn’t asked for and circumstances that we do not have a control of. There are so many feelings and desires that are not filled and still each day we eat drink work sleep and act for a survival.
Read a book. It claims that when man and woman first started seeing the differences in themselves they felt a feeling of shame which led them to cover their nakedness and grow feelings about each other. Throughout years millions and more feelings have come and gone in our minds. What if we never had feelings and no one really care what they did and do? And we can still run naked and eat what we want and say what we think. Would the world be a different place to live? Will there be life and love that we all seek for and wish? Will we ask for peace on earth as New Year resolutions whereas each passing year the crime rate has increased? And human mind is built in such a way that it actually thinks new methods to torture themselves?
Lust for the opposite sex (or the same if that matters) which comes in hand in hand with pleasure of belonging and heartache if he/she turns away from you even though knowing the consequences we may seek for it. Find it feel it and is it the really the end?
We get any education. An education that is being taught to us, telling us what to do trap us inside a box and finally asking us to go beyond the limit us and one day finally when we do, being ridiculed or worshipped if that was disagreed or agreed by the same who are inside the box
Then the question is about what is a good life? Is it where everything we do to please our conscious? Or live according to your ethics education and emotions?
Have you ever thought what if you are the only person who lives on the earth? But the answer given by any of us will be a relative answer to the fact that we had human (or any other living being) interaction earlier and now we are alone in the world. But what if you are a person who never has had any contact another living being? Will he or she be feeling anything at all?
Still we live the life? Dream about the happy hours and cry about the spilled milk. The accepted option is we try and live it no matter how deep the pit you fell into. Try and experience life. Perhaps we are ought, not to question why we live? And why me or why not me? Just live it and remember to respire before we die.


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