Wondering whom to contact
When in dilemma
And get away from the situation
When in happiness
To share the joyous feeling
Feeling lonely needing a connection
To life and emotions that have forgotten
Contacts in the phone book
Contacts in the mail box or address book
Written with all the details
Or the person sitting in the next cubical
Or sleeping eating drinking next to you
To have a link with the world
To chase away the isolation
I contact you
I contact you only to chase away my pathetic isolation
So bare with me for I contact you
As I bare with you


3 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Sometimes it’s nice to contact someone who has no idea who you are… brings a whole new perspective to things… Bt still, thank god for internet and phones!!

  2. yeah need to talk to someone but sometimes need to get some new contacts… just being human !!!

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