See the Sea

I, should I say, a fan of the sea. Not just the beach but the big blue ocean. The salty hard water does make you burn easily in the sun, yet I just loved the feeling. Only once may be, that I have ever got on a boat, and went towards the deep sea where I could not see the shore(almost). Few of them whom I went with just jumped in to the great big water and swam a bit, near the boat. I being the coward I used to be, did not take that chance but had myself tightly wrapped, being afraid pf falling into the sea.
And now thinking back my tracks I do regret that I didn’t really take that risk but looking forward to get my self wet in the ocean.
Paleontologists states that the life has started from the sea. And over the zillion years passed we found land, got boundaries, got named. fought for clan, rebel for race and slaughter each other.
Tsunami, melting ice at Antarctica might stop few of us and remind us that we may actually do something for the human survival. But will we actually have the capacity to change any one? or anything? or should I just forget all this and mind my own small world, face my own trouble and not think about the future at all?
The ocean is big but still the hard land has build boundaries trying to rule the sea. And some of us just dieing here to dip in the sea for our pleasure.


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