Am I stuborn cuz I have a mind of my own?

I was known to be the most stubborn one in my family and my friends have crowned me as “Miss Stubbornness” many a time. And then again some have build up their trust on me so much that they would even leave their child(or boyfriends,girlfriends. siblings) under my supervision, believing in perhaps my stubbornness which would help me to come in to my sensibility rather quickly in a given situation. Some past incidents have helped them to come in to that conclusion.

Well there are two kinds of people, the world around me (which includes you) and ME, right in the centre “Me”. Me who write this blog letting out my feelings and my version of the world around me. Must stress again that I am in the middle, in the middle being trampled, loved cared and hated by all the “yous” out there. And I with a mind of my own interpret certain situations and might embrace or repel from that. So in the process people around me will feel that I am actually very stubborn, I am so stubborn that I might have disregard your dignity and and acted MY OWN. well you nor I can actually help it, I will be stubborn because I have a mind of my own which like to think act and perhaps fall down and to stand up.

Besides I am still learning to live this life. If some one always tells me how to do everything right and one day if none of you around how will I survive? So let me do things my way and let me be responsible for my own actions…

I love responsibility…


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