Small world

Scenario 1

Today I was surprised, the girl who sat next to me in my transport is a very good friend of mine. Whom I had being sharing lot of gossip, poems and many many more via emails. Well She is a Friend of mine in Fakebook (why I call that, is another story) and I have seen her photos, but me being the person who never remembers some ones face could not recognized until she pointed me out. For a month we have being in the same transport but never got a chance to talk. Well how small the world we live in?

Scenario 2

And day I had to answer the door at my work place and this guy entered asking for my boss. To see he was my long-time-no see friend. Whom I have sat for AL’s. Wow that was a surprise

Scenario 3

A Friend of mine who had seen a cousin of her, was about to call on his mobile was stopped by her other Friend who was sitting next to her. Apparently her cousin was the boss of her friend.

Scenario 4

well for now only three scenarios that is coming in to my mind. Had a office out yesterday and my whole body+head is paining.


What is the best medicine for a headache?
watching Mamma Mia???? oh yeah !!!!


3 thoughts on “Small world

  1. i like ur blog. I’m happy i came across it, and despite not wanting any links to the sri lankan blog scene, i’d like to know wat u thinks!

  2. @lucky_me
    Thanks yeah Me thinks stuff so you enjoyzzzzz

    @Lady divine
    i know.. so freakingly suprising :)
    in a good way

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