Mosquitoes that most-kill-toes…

Well not only the toes but most of your body. Especially the shoulders. Yessss the shoulders. Well each night I wrap myself from head to toe and go to sleep just so I can escape from this mos-attack, but then Sri Lanka being a hot country I have to come out of that protection and face my night-time enemies. Well one might suggest using a mosquito net. But that is a big NO NO to me. Then the mosquito coil or the mat.. ahh they just give me headaches. Once this person suggested applying “Siddalepa” to you body and notice how the mosquitoes run away from you. Well the idea was not that bad, the only problem was that I wanted to runaway from me.

But still when, you having the best dream, they just had to stop by near your ear and sing their hearts out. I mean com’on don’t they know that it can be so deadly. They are playing a life and death game there. I mean I am a deadly weapon when I wave my arms around.

So much that they do really bother me at my sleep, I just wanted to find out few things about this insects, rather annoying pain in the neck(shoulder) insects.Mosquitoes are coming from a family called Culicidae. And do you know that the word is that mosquitoes have being around over 30 million years old But all throughout they happen to do the same thing.. bite the hell out of us. Feed on our blood and give us sleepless nights..

(If you recall In Jurassic Park, they created dinosaurs with gens inside a mosquito who happened to be fed on a dinosaur’s blood and blah blah blah)
They travel 1/2Km per hour and go up to 10 km during night time. And at a stretch they fly to 1-4 hours. Wow I can’t even sit in one place for that long. May be they do that so they can have a different dish for a change

And I find this rather amusing and ironic, the real predator (harsh word? No I do not think so) is the female mosquito that sucks the blood so we rank them as the most deadly.
They rest in cool places and wait till the evening to hunt us down. When it comes to cool places they can even lay eggs in watery surfaces, and sometime the eggs survive though the place is dried up for a certain period. Well if we think about this more, we ourselves make the biggest mistake, by allowing the mosquitoes to breed in places like this.
So let us all join hands and keep our environment clean and tidy so I CAN HAVE A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP hahaha

And you too



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