go on and on and we talk

Have you ever stopped for a while and tried to figure what we were being talking at any given time. Well at least whether. at least we stick to the initial topic.

This type of talking happen when you get together with bunch of friends colleagues and any other combination. Today our initial topic was “politics” ah the very subject that i would avoid but heat up in certain circumstances. Then Mr. Obama dominated the field and came to different beliefs of religions. Then talked about hymns and what their meanings are, which ended up analyzing the lyrics of certain songs that can be heard in radio. Then the gossip.. yeah the Hollywood gossip (guess we know more about Barrymore than she does). Last but not least the favourite TV programs we watch was a hit.

ah I love talking about politics now, cuz it leads to different stories..

hey that was not the end.. but some of the stuff are not for you to know :)

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