To office or the bull

I was on my way to office, to notice that there was a bull, seated with both two front legs were bleeding, obviously met with an accident in the morning. The creature was looking sad and hurt and a pail of water was next to him. Which it did not indicate in any way that it would have helped the creature at all. Lot of blood was on its body, and perhaps it was unable to move.
Well as all we being human with emotions running free, my colleagues who were in the office transport was giving their own assumption of the situation.

“some driver must have hit the poor thing…idiot does not even no how to driver..”

“these type of idiots should be punished…”

“Wonder who gave the license (driver’s) to them…”

“Must have happened in the morning… so then he ran away… selfish man…”

“ah did you notice the way a man was standing few feet away from the incident?…I think it’s he who have done it… did you notice the sly smile…IDIOT”

Well me being the observer was really amazed.

· How much we human pity the bull who was hurt?
· How some of us eat the flesh of it if the given incident is different?
· And how we assumed that a motor vehicle did made this creature to get hurt?
· How we tend to curse at people who we have not seen or heard of?
· And how much you get blamed for just standing there at a point of an incident?

And then let talk about me

I was not really in a hurry to work (I am one of the early comers :) ) yet I did not stop by and even tried to help the creature. But now I am blaming someone for criticizing the incident. And secondly lets say that I really got down and tried to help, what am I suppose to do? Who will I try to contact? And given the chance the owner of the bull was there? Will he welcome my help or will he feel hostile? Because he might feel that I am trying to own his bull. (its human nature not to trust another human, when it comes to your belongings)

All I know is there was a problem, I wanted to help but I did not. Just passed it and came back to my world of comforts. Am I human or what?

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3 thoughts on “To office or the bull

  1. Ok, first of all – let me say i think cows have the CUTEST ears.
    Apart from that – i live in an area which is pretty crowded – and often in the mornings I’ll see this one cow – who had obviously been beaten by some random shop owner dude having a bad day – and I’ve never done anything about it. well – except to wonder what an ass the man who did it was, and also to wonder if the owner of the cow didn’t care.
    Humans are just a bunch of apathetic procrastinators.

  2. Yeah, it’s funny we how we Lankans love to assume things at every turn, isn’t it?

    That’s one thing people here really need to work on.

  3. @ blackexists
    and i think they have very innocent eyes… oh well i like eyes.. :)
    well its too bad we being human and take our anger on helpless creatures like that, and again we see it and do nothing about it.. i’d say its not cuz we do not want to make that drastic step and go an knock the dude we are just contain by the consequences that might occur… ahhhhh too bad

    @ papare boy,

    And funnier we live and be a part of that Sri Lanka

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